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4 Tips for Keeping Your Small Conservatory Functional All Year

Being your trusted UK window cleaners is a fun job, although if we are going to be honest, we’re a bit envious of conservatory owners as we approach the summer.

It’s a widely known fact that it’s not always a season that’s glorious, although we’re sporting our shades in anticipation that we’ll be blessed this year.

As much as we would like to spend our sunny days in the garden sipping some piña colada, that would be an unfair expectation from our typically colder island.

Fortunately for all of you lucky conservatory owners, you have the best of both worlds. From cosying up in your suntrap to making the most of those limited winter daylight hours and basking in sunshine whilst indoors during summertime, your beloved conservatory can be enjoyed in all seasons despite what the UK weather brings.

Keep the roof and windows clean

As your window cleaner local, of course, this was going to be our first recommendation. Whilst your conservatory is designed to let in a lot of natural light which automatically makes your room look bigger, you won’t reap the benefits if your windows and roof are covered in dirt and grime.

A monthly window cleaning service is what we suggest using our water-fed pole system which enables you to maintain a gleaming shine and streak-free finish every time.

Opt for a minimalist design

We’re not just your UK window cleaners, we also have an eye for design and a flair for beautiful interiors. As such, we found that opting for minimalist design is the way to go if you’re short on space.

Frame the room with a few key items of furniture and create a focal point to give the illusion of a bigger space. Strategically placing pieces around the parameters of your conservatory, will naturally enhance the space that you have available.Looking for ways to give your house a revamp this season? Keep in mind that the focal point that draws attention to the eye and welcomes you inside can also accentuate the space. A large hanging mirror, fire, rug, or artwork are all good design ideas to improve space if you have a small conservatory.


An obvious one, but a huge challenge for some. Getting rid of those things that you’re saving ‘just in case’ is the hardest task if you’re an enthusiastic hoarder. Even when you don’t have this tendency, those unwanted items can be hard to notice when you’ve become accustomed to seeing them.

How do you declutter when you don’t know where to start? Taking a photo of the space can give you a fresh pair of eyes to spot the items that you can sacrifice.

Clever storage

No matter how much we declutter, we all have those items that we refuse to let go of. To get more space in a small conservatory, trade your traditional furniture for pieces that double up as additional space.

It’s a practical and versatile way to maximise floor space. From sofas with storage built in underneath, armchairs with storage seats, and footstools with secret compartments, there are many options to choose from that are available on the high street.

Implement these four ideas and maximise the space in your small conservatory. That way, you can soak up some summer rays whilst sheltering from the wind and rain.

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From all at Team Tidal.

Images by @citrusboy & @rupixen