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Your home and your property deserves some TLC. From cleaning tips, organisation hacks, and DIY guides, this space has all the expert advice you need to keep it in pristine condition and a pleasant place to live in where you and your loved ones can feel safe, happy, and healthy.You will also get to discover the latest industry happenings, trends, and insights on all things franchising and entrepreneurship.

Happy New Year from team Tidal!

Happy New Year from all at team Tidal cleaning services! No, we’re not jumping on the new year’s resolution bandwagon, nor are we sharing any 2021 life hacks. Like us, we have no doubt that you’ve been bombarded with all of that. Instead, we’re going to start the year as we mean to go on […]

3 Things You Need to Consider Before Renovating a House

As a customer of Tidal Cleaning Services, we know that you’re super house proud. You wouldn’t have invited us around to make your windows shine if you didn’t want your home to look nice right? As such, are you looking for ways to give your house an upgrade? Renovating a house is a great way […]

5 Fundamentals of Success When Starting Your Own Business

It’s an exciting week for everyone here at Tidal as we welcome Ross, our newest franchisee and the latest addition to our growing specialist cleaning team! Ross will be providing domestic and commercial cleaning services to the lovely people of Lewisham. If you need your windows cleaned, your gutters cleared or your UPVC Fascias and […]

Four mood boosting plants to lift your spirits

It goes without saying that many of us are searching for the small things to boost our mood right now and lift our spirits. Peering through your sparkly clean windows and looking out onto blossoming plants and vegetables can do just that. Being outside amongst nature is a natural love for any window cleaner. You […]

How the Water-Fed Pole System Work for Window Cleaning

Hey everyone! Victoria, Head of PR and Marketing here at Team Tidal. I was really keen to personally speak to you this month. The reason being is that before I did my own research and started working for Tidal Cleaning Services, I experienced something that you might be able to relate to. Have you previously […]

Franchise vs Own Business – Which One Is Right For You?

As we start to ease out of lockdown, it’s high time to start evaluating what’s next from a career perspective. Have you lost your job and struggled to find employment since Covid hit or perhaps accepted a job that you don’t enjoy just to make ends meet? Maybe you’re a business owner who has been […]

How to Find a Good Window Cleaner Near You

‘There’s no window cleaners in my area!’ ‘It’s hard to find someone who shows up when they promise and gets a quality job done’. If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a hundred times. It seems to be the case that good window cleaners are in short supply. But, what determines good and how […]

4 Tips for Keeping Your Small Conservatory Functional All Year

Being your trusted UK window cleaners is a fun job, although if we are going to be honest, we’re a bit envious of conservatory owners as we approach the summer. It’s a widely known fact that it’s not always a season that’s glorious, although we’re sporting our shades in anticipation that we’ll be blessed this […]

8 Reasons to Consider Tidal Window Cleaning Franchise

July signifies the middle of the year and is often a time of pause and reflection. Are you looking back over the last six months and contemplating what’s next in your career? The majority of people who have started a window cleaning franchise with Tidal have either transitioned from other industries, decided to take a […]

6 Ways to Pick a Front Door Colour That You’ll Love All Year

Did you know that we don’t just clean your windows, sills, and frames, but we also clean your doors? Yep, that’s right. Not all window cleaning service providers offer this as standard, but we do and are always impressed by the variety of colours and range of designs. From dark and understated to bright and […]

Essential Skills to Succeed in Your Window Cleaning Business

As the kids go back to school and the busyness of the summer months begins to quieten down, it can be a great time to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Education isn’t just for the inexperienced. As professional window cleaners, knowing how to use your tools to get high-quality results and achieve a streak-free finish […]

5 Home Winterising Tips to Prepare your House for the Cold Season

With October upon us and the dark nights drawing in, it’s time to batten down the hatches and get cosy. For the season that marks the beginning of hibernation, here’s how you can prepare your home for the winter season. Let more light in Reduced exposure to sunlight during the autumn and winter months can […]

6 Business Owner Survival Tips for the Winter Season

Does running your own business make you feel isolated? Being your own boss can be lonely at the best of times and often be accentuated during the winter months and Christmas season. Regardless of your industry and demand for your service, business tends to be quieter for everyone. Luckily, within the window cleaning business, we […]

‘Who are Tidal Cleaning Services?’ – 10 things you might not know about us.

Who doesn’t want to learn more about the local window cleaners that they support? As a conscious consumer, even if you’re not already a Tidal Cleaning Services customer or franchisee, you’ll want to be in the know about a cleaning company that you might be considering. Vibrant and bold in personality that is reflected in […]