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6 Ways to Pick a Front Door Colour That You’ll Love All Year

Did you know that we don’t just clean your windows, sills, and frames, but we also clean your doors?

Yep, that’s right. Not all window cleaning service providers offer this as standard, but we do and are always impressed by the variety of colours and range of designs. From dark and understated to bright and bold, we see tasteful creations that increase kerb appeal and are attractive to the eyes.

Summer brings nature’s own colour palette that can lift your mood and inspire you. But with so many options available, how do you decide the best colour to paint your front door that reflects your personality and style?

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a door colour that you’ll love all year round and that makes you smile each time you come home!

Take a walk

Put your walking shoes on and go and explore your local area. As your local window cleaners who are constantly invited to different homes and properties, we will never get used to the vast array of front doors that express individuality. From the colour, design, and accessories, you can tailor such features to suit your personal preferences.

Notice the colour palette that has a welcoming impact and the material that enhances it. Composite, UPVC, timber, and aluminium are widely used and available from most suppliers.

Evaluate your wardrobe

What colours are prominent amongst your clothes? This is a useful way to identify the dominant shades that you typically like and steer towards. Is there a strong presence of cool, warm, bold, or neutral tones? Is that reflected throughout your home or does your interior style differ? Become aware of the colours that you wear and how that makes you feel.

Identify the emotional trigger you want to create

When approaching your home, what impression and emotional response do you want to create from the offset? Reds are often said to be passionate colours that advance towards you. Meanwhile, greens are associated with relaxation, the outdoors, and nature.

Blues are commonly described as peaceful and tranquil. White is known to demonstrate cleanliness and purity whilst grey and black are seen to reflect sophistication and strength.

Review your indoor interior

Do you want the colour of your front door to compliment or contrast the interior design of your home? Have you opted for a particular time period or design theme that you want to showcase on the outside as well as in? Consider whether you want to repeat that to create flow and harmony or whether you want to embrace something different entirely.

Research trends

Spend some time researching existing and upcoming trends. Do you like any styles that are current or on the horizon? Be mindful that styles and trends are fickle and can quickly become outdated.

As a provider of window cleaning services, we suggest that you base your final decision on longevity rather than what is the most popular colour to paint your front door to prolong any financial investment.


When it comes to home renovation and improvements, using an online tool such as Pinterest or Canva is such a handy way to visualise your ideas. Perhaps you could even go old school and put glue to paper. Whichever you prefer, brainstorming your ideas and comparing them together is a useful way to gain visual insight.

With your supervision, involve the whole family and get the kids to cut out pictures and see which colours they would choose for the front door. You could even make it a family outing and pick up some paint samples.

When considering what are the best front door colours and how to pick one, keep these 6 pointers in mind and choose something that reflects your personal style. Oh and don’t forget to keep it clean whatever you decide.

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From all at Team Tidal

Image by @glerenmeneghin