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Happy New Year from team Tidal!

Happy New Year from all at team Tidal cleaning services! No, we’re not jumping on the new year’s resolution bandwagon, nor are we sharing any 2021 life hacks. Like us, we have no doubt that you’ve been bombarded with all of that. Instead, we’re going to start the year as we mean to go on by connecting with our community.

If you’re already inside the nook then you’ll know there’s nothing that we like more than forming strong relationships with our franchisees and customers. Building one big happy Tidal ‘family’ is at the grassroots of our business. So, we wanted to give all of our readers the chance to get to know the Tidal team better, too with a couple of ‘did you knows?’

If this doesn’t help you to feel more connected to us, at least we hope we’ve given you a distraction from doing all of the house chores when in a post-Christmas lockdown, we’re doing a lot of, so here goes!

Did you know that…

Tidal Cleaning Services started in 2018 when our founder Ralf, a former apprentice himself, decided that he wanted to scratch his entrepreneurial itch and go it alone. Having started RH window cleaning in 2016 at the ripe old age of 19, he quickly built a fantastic reputation for his gleaming windows and doors, and Tidal cleaning was born.

Within 18 months, Ralf had recruited additional cleaning and administration staff, purchased four branded vehicles, and franchised Tidal cleaning services. Now that’s passion and determination for you!

(Disclaimer: this isn’t the original steam train, we just really liked the picture)


We’re northern-born and bred! Now it goes without saying that we open our arms to you no matter where in the world you are, but we also love to shout about our northern roots. Our UK cleaning business started in the beautiful town of Darlington, and we’re proud!

Located in the south of County Durham, not far from the River Tees, our market town is historic. Famous for being the home of the first commercial steam railway. Stockton and Darlington Railway was the first public railway. It’s also known for its weekly outdoor market on the square, one of the biggest in the country.

If you’re ever close by and want to know of things to do in Darlington, make sure you pass by.

(Disclaimer, this isn’t Ralf or a Boris Bike, for the actual images, hit the link below!)

In December 2019, our very own Ralf grabbed the attention of the media with this Daily Mail headline. We couldn’t find the words to do this justice, but we’re sure you’ll agree that pedalling 67 miles during the night on a Boris Bike is impressive!

There are two arms to our business. Tidal Cleaning Services and Tidal Franchise. Whether you’re a fan of our modern cleaning equipment and just want us to clean your windows or love our business model and see our vision, there’s an option for you to be involved. We’re dedicated to both and love helping you keep your windows shiny or build a lifestyle that works for you.

Give us a shout-out on Facebook or Instagram @tidalcs and share a fun fact about yourself. We love to chat and network.

Sending positive vibes for 2021 from all at Team Tidal.

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